Many website designers agree that when businesses, especially small ones decide to take their business online, they are bound to face many challenges. Unfortunately, most businesses fail in establishing themselves online mostly because they cannot overcome website problems and marketing challenges presented by the internet’s massive competition. Below are some of the most common website trials faced by small businesses.
Budget limitations
In many cases, small businesses have a limited budget and this is because they have not established themselves in their respective industries. Web development comes at a price and the business has to fund the fees for a web designer who will build a website that not only looks attractive but functions perfectly to gain more clients and money for the business.

Creating valuable content
Once a small business successfully puts up a website, the challenge then becomes generating valuable content which will attract visitors who are interested in searching for the business’s services or products. Creating content can be quite a challenge because it uses a particular skillet. Advanced writing abilities are most important but video content is becoming increasingly advantageous in reaching viewers as the internet continues to grow and change. A website for a small business requires a great deal of time and the expertise of a website designer and not many small businesses have the ability to invest in one so they end up having fluff content on their website.

Acquiring audiences
If a small business manages to overcome the website problem of content creation, the challenge now becomes promoting that content. One of the best way to promote such content is through social media whose goal for a business is to acquire a substantial audience that is interested in the business. This involves time for posting, responding and monitoring influencers in the industry. Time however, is not commodity for most small business owners.
Generating new leads
Each small business needs a system of generating leads. Most consumers almost never make a purchase the first time they visit a website. As a business, you need the opportunity to communicate with them more times. You can generate leads in a number of ways, but one of the most predominant is by giving away free content such as e-books, videos and reports in exchange for a potential client’s email address or phone number. Among the website problems that a small business will experience is the inability to give away free content.
Converting leads into sales
This is the final step in the sales process and is such a challenge for those who choose to have a website for small businesses. Online businesses require a great deal of credibility, respect and trust. For a small business owner to close a deal in in the online market place, they have to overcome the challenge of getting their leads to look them up. The website design for such a business has to be convincing enough to achieve this and as such, most small businesses do not have the capability to hire the services of a professional for web development.