When it comes to SEO, one of the frequent questions that pop up is the cost. People ask if it is true that SEO cost can vary and the answer is yes, it is true. SEO cost can vary and it normally depends on a number of different factors which also vary from company to company. Knowing that SEO cost can vary, the next question is how does one give price for SEO?

Factors that Affect SEO Cost

To completely understand, it is better to take it piece by piece by exploring the basic factors that affect the cost of SEO. By understanding the role of each factor to the success of an SEO, you can finally fully understand why SEO cost can vary significantly from company to company.

One-Time or Ongoing Project?
The first thing that affects the cost of SEO is whether it is an ongoing project between you and the SEO Company or just a one-time project. It is pretty obvious that a one-time SEO project cost significantly less to an ongoing project, isn’t it? If you are looking for an ongoing relationship that will extend for a period of time then the basic cost of an SEO will be multiplied to that time. In that case, it means your SEO cost is bigger than that of a one-time project.

What is Your Target Market?
Your audience is also one of the things that greatly affect the SEO cost. Depending on your target market, you can either have a smaller or larger competition. If it is larger, you can expect that SEO will be more expensive. If your target market has no boundaries, you will probably pay a good amount to get some results. However, if your target is local, it is quite affordable to get SEO done.

Is Just a Small Firm or an Established One?
Where do you plan on getting SEO service? Is it just a local company that specializes on SEO or are you getting from an established company that can offer you other kinds of services? The size of the firm you’re getting the service affects the price. Usually, smaller companies provide customized service while bigger ones offer the one-size-fits-all kind. But, bigger companies do not necessarily mean they are better.

How Does SEO Cost?

When you ask an SEO company that question, the answer you will get is normally, “it depends”. It is pretty annoying especially for practical people and those who have their money accounted down to the last scent. First of all, you need to know that SEO is a service and not a commodity. This particular detail is something that you need to remember as it is one of the factors that affect SEO.

Because SEO is not a commodity but a service, the government cannot regulate its price. On the other hand, the costs of services such that of SEO can vary depending to what companies and professionals think to be sustainable or are profitable. As for SEO, the value can change based on some specific circumstances and requirements. Essentially, the SEO cost can vary depending on what you need and what you ask from your SEO Company.