Digital marketing is growing rapidly and is evolving at light-speed. Despite it’s growth, there are many companies that have yet to fully adopt a digital marketing strategy. Perhaps the fastest way to adapt to these new trends, technologies, and strategies – is to hire a digital marketing agency. If your marketing budget is still heavily composed of above-the-line marketing or relies heavily on broad segmentation, then partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency could be very advantageous.

Where is digital marketing heading towards? Below are three trends that are shaping digital marketing:
Large Real-Time Data:
Marketers now have more access to free and low-cost tools that aggregate and collect data. The prevalence of these tools have allowed marketers to make better decisions on marketing campaigns. From knowing the best customer pathway to knowing what gaps your business has, having analytics have allowed marketers to increase ROI on digital. Old above-the-line marketing had lacked real-time data; with digital, you now have access to real-time data on the efficacy of your marketing campaigns.
Relationship Automation:
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and other customer relationship tools have allowed marketers to automate customer interactions. Whether it be pre or post purchase interactions, these communications can be automated to improve the overall customer buying experience. Businesses can benefit from increase referrals, increase units per transaction, and receive an overall better ROI.

Personalization of the Customer Experience:
Technology is allowing e-commerce companies to have the ability to instantly and automatically personalize the buying experience of the customer. For instance, various online retailers having “recommended product” sections and “remarketing campaigns” that are solely dedicated to specific users based on specific triggers such as: buying history, and browser history. Marketers can receive real-time data, and create software scripts that would leverage this data to create a personalized presentation.
We believe that investing in digital marketing is a judicious choice.