Video marketing can be intimidating. Not only do you need to be able to create professional-grade content, but you also need to distribute this content effectively throughout your audience. If you aren’t able to capitalize on your video, it can be wasted money — but without video marketing, you can’t catch up to the competition. How can you make sure your first video marketing campaign is a success?

1. Don’t Skimp On The Equipment

It is a hundred times easier to record something properly than to try to modify a recording in post. A high quality microphone is going to be able to get all of your audio in a single take. A low quality microphone is going to need to be passed through multiple filters and boosted — and it may never sound as it should. If you can’t afford to purchase audiovisual equipment for your business, you may still be able to rent it. In fact, renting audio/video equipment can lead to getting more expensive equipment than you could otherwise afford.

Many people will find that their own smartphones are enough for shooting short, live videos, or other vignettes — but that doesn’t make them the right tool for more involved and evolved video marketing strategies. For polished, professional video, you may want to consider consulting with a video production agency.